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Cydelic by Choryin

Cydelic by Choryin can be described as contemporary couture, taking classic designs and giving them a feel beyond reality. The brand is a symbol of inventive and mind warping pieces of art. The brand resonates with female beings for unique couture garments that are designed and proudly made by using meticulous handcraft methods that give the garments art-like form.

Cydelic by Choryin launched its first capsule collection for Toronto LG Fashion Week beauty by L’oreal Paris in Spring/Summer 2010 as a venue installation. Followed by a 30+ piece runway collection titled “Monsters” on the LG Fashion Week catwalk to a packed house in Fall/Winter 2011. In the Spring/Summer 2012, the Cydelic by Choryin brand pushed the creative envelope with a whole line of “Alien” handbags. All the collections are available at the Cydelic by Choryin Private Shop, by appointment only.


Cydelic is a unisex ready-to-wear brand that aims to bring unordinary and innovative designs that can be blended into everyday life. The brand captivates both men and women by being daring and different. In the Spring/Summer of 2012, Cydelic shocked the world with a unique unisex Ready-to-Wear collection, showcased by a pop-up runway show on Queen Street, Toronto. The collection can now be purchased online at Cydelic.com/Shop.

Choryin Choi

Choryin Choi’s gift for the arts can be described as exuberant and outrageously daring. He graduated from the Fashion Arts program in Seneca College. As a design student at Seneca, Choi was recognized for his talent and was the recipient of the Textile Design Award and Fashion Arts Award. Choi currently holds the position of Design Consultant/Fashion Designer at SEVEN CONTINENTS, a leading international retail fixture and merchandising design and production corporation.
Having spent the first fourteen years of his life in Hong Kong, Choi has a unique international flare. In addition, his fondness of electronic and classical music inspires items that are bold artistic takes on a classic design. His spaced out and dreamy personality often leads him to explore different new worlds and take on reality altering designs. Fashion is simply a medium for Choi to express his fantasy mind world and force it on everyone’s reality.

This is how it all began….;)